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statlers_law's Journal

This is an RP journal. I'm not affiliated with Marvel, X-Men, X-Factor or any other comic in any way. This is just for RP purposes.

Name: Statler "Stat" Murphy
Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160
Eyes: Grey-green
Hair: Brown
Other distinguishing features: Nothing much of note. Goofy smile. Kind of cute, but also kind of stupid looking.

Mom (Sheryl) and dad (Bill) both mundanes living in New York, a subway's ride away from the "Shady Everglades". Divorced but still living in the same house, with bedrooms across the hall from one another. Stat has one older brother, a mutant, who left home two years ago. ...His parents don't like to talk about it.

Neutral, street-level. More or less self-serving, ignorant of/uninterested in the greater struggle between good and evil or superhero against superhero or mutants against the world. Could possibly be convinced to join forces with a group if someone actually found a use for him.

Base of Operations: Shady Everglades Residential Hotel in New York

Nothing much to speak of. No fighting skills aside from basic "dodge-and-hit-back". Is good at negotiation.

Insight -
Stat can look at any person, object or animal and instantly assess or 'see' its weight, height, dimensions and composition. Is unaffected by illusions, even skilled ones, as he can 'see' that they aren't real/don't have the proper composition for what they appear to be. Can 'see' things even if they're invisible, though he has to be conciously looking for them, or directly at them.

On the other hand, for his abilities to be really useful, Stat has to have a certain amount of prior knowledge. For instance, he can't look at a person and tell that they have colon cancer because he's not a medical student and doesn't know what colon cancer looks like and he doesn't know a healthy colon from a diseased colon, even if he can 'see' that there is a difference. He can, however, tell if a woman is pregnant before she starts to physically show, because he can recognize a fetus from basic high school science classes. If he were to become more educated, his ability would become more useful and have more applications. Theoretically, if he put in the effort and the study, he would be able to tell aliens from mutants from humans with only a glance. Theoretically, if he were to learn how to fight, he could actually take advantage of being able to identify an enemy's weak point instead of just noting it and running away. Now if only he would actually apply himself...

Bad Luck -
In addition, within an uncertain radius Stat has a tendency to negatively affect his surroundings and the people in them. In other words, he's more or less a walking bad luck charm. The intensity of his influence fluctuates and can manifest in something as mundane as dealing a bad hand of poker or as destructive as a watermain exploding when he walks past. This bad luck rarely affects him directly, except possibly through his tragically awful luck at making his relationships work out. In addition, its effects seem to be minimized around people he cares strongly for, such as his parents and his best friend, giving evidence to the possibility that he could learn to control it.

Stat is only vaguely aware of his own ability to 'see' the information in people and objects. As far as he knows, it's just a mildly cool skill, a party trick if anything. He hasn't actively used it for much of anything other than checking out girls' measurements, and occasionally cheating at carnival games. Is largely unaware of his bad luck and has no control over its radius or intensity. Occasionally he seems to acknowledge the unlucky events that occur around him, as though perhaps instinctually he knows he is responsible, but he has not yet conciously realized or acknowledged that these things are anything more than coincidences.

Strength Level:
Normal human strength.

Born and raised to the age of 13 in Dunfield, Kansas, spent his childhood running through wheat fields with his best friend Alicia, until his parents decided to sell their farm and move the family to New York for 'opportunity' (as well as to put some distance between Mom and the... young man hired to help with that year's harvest). In New York, Dad met Lisa --a buyer for Sac's Fifth--, Mom shaved Dad a perfectly round bald spot, Dad bought a vespa from a drag queen named 'Bunny', and Mom filed for divorce. His brother moved out when Stat was 16 and hasn't been heard from since. On a recent family vacation back to Dunfield, Stat reunited with his childhood friend, told her that New York was "kind of cool" and a week later, she showed up on the doorstep in a pair of sequined heels. Seizing his chance, Stat moved out of his parents' house and into a somewhat skeevy residential hotel, where he now squats, happily and shockingly carefree, with Alicia, or as he calls her: 'Al'.

Stat is just about as laid-back as it is possible to get without being a stoner. He doesn't drink, he doesn't do drugs, he smokes cigarettes only very occasionally (in social situations) and he takes his coffee with cream, no sugar. He rarely lets anything get to him, doesn't startle easily, has few conflicts with other people, and goes out of his way to be polite. On the other hand, he also doesn't seem to feel any sort of regret about squatting in his current residence, nor blackmailing the other tenants to keep his rent-free life a secret from the landlord, nor cheating at carnival games to impress a date. His moral compass maybe be juuuust a bit shakey...

He's had a handful of brief daliences with women, most of which went south very quickly due either to various unlucky circumstances, or to simple loss of interest on Stat's part. He is charismatic and kind, but pursues relationships with a lazy sort of attitude, and doesn't seem bothered when they don't last. While Stat has traditionally dated girls, he finds men equally interesting to 'see' --a fact that would likely horrify his mother as much as finding out she had another mutant son-- and has lately begun to wonder if perhaps his luck wouldn't be better should he try broadening his horizons a bit with the less-fairer sex.

As for Stat's powers, he seems to be either unaware that they are, in fact 'powers' or simply in denial about his own possession of the X-Gene. He acknowledges that his absent brother is a mutant, but doesn't assign himself the same status. This may have to do with the less-than-tolerant attitude of his own otherwise-loving parents and a reluctance to embrace that which they find both dissappointing and distasteful. Stat himself has no prejudice against other mutants, as his best friend is one as well.

Birthday: March 23rd
Favorite food: Blackberries
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite pastimes: People-watching, theater-hopping
Secretly kind of likes: Cats and kids